Do you want to try the latest in state-of-the-art technology?
Are you prepared to take your skill to the next level?
Do you want to express yourself in a different way?
Have you got what it takes to make a difference?
Would you like to share your interest with a wider group of friends?
Are you ready to put what you have learned to practical use?

If the answer to any of the questions above is YES ...
we would like to hear from you!

If the answer to any of the questions above is YES ...
we would like to hear from you!

Destination Leipzig, Germany

The Lepzig region of Saxony in Germany has gained international importance over the last years. Internationally recognized companies such as BMW, Porsche, DHL and Siemens have opened branches here and make it an attractive business area drawing more and more interested parties.


Below are some familiar names you should recognize. During your stay you will have the opportunity to visit one or more of these prestigious companies and discover what makes them so successful.


Welcome to Vitalis!

Vitalis was founded in 1997 to receive European participants for vocational training and exchange of experiences in the framework of Lifelong Learning Programme and Erasmus+ within the region of Leipzig.


The headquarters of Vitalis is the beautiful manor house of Gut Wehlitz. This idyllic location in the heart of Schkeuditz, 12km from Leipzig city center, will be home during your stay. Everything you need is here, from comfortable accommodation for over 200 students with restaurant, club and recreational facilities, to the practical centers where you will have the opportunity to experience your chosen trade hands-on.

Practical Work Centers

Scroll down to see the list of practical work centers Vitalis has to offer.

Beauty Care

Black Box




Electricity, Heating & Cooling


Gardening & Forestry

Graphics & Photo

Health Care


Information Technologies


Office Technologies

Renewable Energy

Smart Home

Trading & Logistics

Our Facilities

Accommodation for students in shared rooms includes WiFi, TV and bed linen. Separate accommodation is available for teaching staff. Breakfast and dinner is providedare and held in a charming dining hall in an old historical brewery. Our cuisine includes traditional local dishes as well as international meals.

Our lovely outdoor area includes a volleyball court and soccer pitch. Jogging or inline skating on the nearby track (16 km long) are always a possibility, as is an enchanting walk through the beautiful forest. If you really don‘t feel like doing much more than relaxing with friends, there is always the Club House where you can grab a drink while you listen to music, play pool or Playstation, or watch some TV.

The local town has a number of places to eat and buy groceries. There is also a regular tran service to Leipzig city, where you will find all your familiar shops. For those interested in learning more about German culture and our rich history, there are 1 or 2 day trips to Berlin and Dresden.We also arrange tours to some of the most prestigious company facilities in the area, including the BMW and Porsche factory and DHL facilities at nearby Leipzig airport.

Our Mission

The aim of Vitalis is to match the needs of our students with what is required in a practical workplace, providing them with the opportunity to practice and develop their professional knowledge and competences so that they can increase their employability and become more competitive on the European labour market.

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Vitalis coordinates projects for the different member companies concerning receiving students under the framework of the Erasmus+ programme and other European projects. Most students we receive are enrolled in secondary or higher vocational courses in a European college of education. Please use the contact form to indicate your current education status.

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Your Commitment

Over the past 20 years we have received thousands of students from around Europe, and we appreciate for many of them it is the first time away from home as a young adult. What we ask of all students is to respect our guidelines on antisocial behaviour and make the most of the opportunity they have been given.

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Take the first step ...

Let us know who you are and the practical course you are interested in attending. If you are a student or a teacher we will need to know where you are studying or working. If your college is already part of the Erasmus+ programme we will let you know what you should do to enroll on one of the courses. If not, we will try and contact the college directly to explain how it works.

All information is kept confidential. We will not disclose your identity in any requests, neither will your personal information be used for any other purpose than to contact you.

Vitalis GmbH
Gut Wehlitz
04435 Schkeuditz

+49 034204 774000

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